Conference General Topics

Water structure and dynamics at the nanoscale and mesoscale

An updated view on the relation between the structure and dynamics of hydration water and that of hydrated biomolecules is the central aim of this session devoted to advanced methodologies, working on a large range of time-scales and length-scales.

Food properties, quality and stability

Water is critically important in determining food properties, quality and stability. This section will promote a discussion on some relevant aspects of the role of water during food processing and storage.

Pharmaceutical sciences

Water is a central element of medicinal products present throughout their lifetime, from drug design and discovery to drug delivery in the patient. This section will be devoted to the discussion of the critical role of water in the different phases of drug development.

Life sciences

Water, as the major component of all living cells, plays a central role during cells/tissues preservation. The mechanisms by which water affects cell/tissue structure and functionality during freezing and thawing or desiccation and rehydration will be examined.