Accommodation is provided by ETTORE MAJORANA CENTRE and included in the registration fee.

Accommodation information

Hospitality for FWB2019 from Sunday July 21 afternoon (dinner included) to Friday May 26 afternoon (lunch included) is organized by the EMFCSC, as a contracted five-days special-price all-inclusive package.

Included in the conference fees are:

  • rooms (and room booking)
  • meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
  • coffee breaks
  • shuttles to and from Palermo airport (110 km far, about 1 hour and a half) and Trapani airport (35 km, about 40 minutes).

Participants will be assigned to local affiliated residence and hotels with available rooms by the Center itself. Lunches and dinners will be freely enjoyed in almost every Erice restaurant (most of them are affiliated with the Center, beverages are usually not included).

The number of conference participants per day will be limited to about 100, since other International Schools will be hosted in Erice concurrently with FWB2019, so that (considering also summer tourists) Erice will be rather crowded at that time.

Booking precedence will be accorded to presenters (and then will follow the rule "first arrive, first serveā€ for non-presenters).