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Registration and Fees


A pre-registration is necessary in order to cope with the maximum number of participants that we are able to accommodate. Authors that submit an abstract for a talk or for a poster must pre-register.

Preregistration will be individual and will consist of filling and sending a form (Pre-registration form ), that has to be sent by e-mail to info@waterbiophysics.eu .

A few scholarships (for the moment very few) are available for PhD students in the form of fee waivers (instructions are in the Pre-registration form).

After preregistration, accepted applicants will be individually contacted and requested to fill a form for the formal registration and to pay the fees according the information provided. Please note the updated Bank Swift Code (UNCRITMM).

Accompanying person must be registered (see Registration Form)


Conference fees: 650 euro

Included in the conference fees are:

For accompanying persons the fee is: 375 Euro

If you plan to come with accompanying persons, please fill the registration form and register them following the instructions. The fee is for an adult (sharing room with the participant), and includes breakfasts, lunches and dinners; for children please inquire specifying the age to be sure about the offer).

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