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In addition to the general themes, the programme of FWB 2023 will focus on WATER IN DNA/RNA, ORIGAMI, AND BIOMOLECULAR CONDENSATES.

The opening of the conference will be on FRIDAY May 19th and the closing will be on WEDNESDAY May 24th. Download here the Conference Programme (to be prepared)

The list of invited speakers at Frontiers in Water Biophysics 2023 will be update here:

Ellen Adams - Dresda (DE)
Frank J├╝licher - Dresda (DE)
Jean-Louis Mergny - Paris (FR)
Roland Netz - Berlin (DE)
Janez Plavec - Ljubljana (SI)
Antonio Randazzo - Napoli (IT)
Francesco Sciortino - Roma (IT)
Naoki Sugimoto - Kobe (JP)

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